Individual Donors

The work of Passion for Learning would not be possible without the generous support of the following individuals.

2016-2017 Donors:

Bruce Adams and Margaret Engel
Mark Adelman
Andrew and Karen Auerbach
Charles A. Beard III
Peter and Linda Blaser
Michael Bodaken and Fran Bernstein
Lisa Bontempo and William Pierce
Victoria Bor and David DuGoff
Maria Fernanda Borja
Lynn Boyd Mary Bradford
Shirley Brandman
John Patrick Brown, Jr. and Anita R. Brown
aura Brown
Jay Brozost
​Lauren Carranza
Peter Chang
Ann Collins
Jeffrey Colman
Patricia Cornish
Mathilda Cox
Danco (Dan Meijer)
Lowell and Virginia Denning
Jessie J. Diffley
Dr. Judith Docca
Andrew Fraser
Thomas Gentile
Evan Glass
Nancy Golding and Robert Hartheimer
Busy Graham
Sandy Gregerman
Don and Ann Hague
Barbara and Samuel Halpern
Barbara Harman
Lavan-Harris Family Foundation
James David Heller
Anne Hess
Mary Anne Hess and Dan Freedman
Francie and Tim Hester
Karen and Douglas Hillmer
Jackie Hilton