Individual Donors

The work of Passion for Learning would not be possible without the generous support of the following individuals.

2017-2018 Donors:

Andrew and Karen Auerbach
Andrew Fraser
Ann Collins
Ann and Don Hague
Anne Hess
Ashlee Burke
Barbara Harman
Beatriz Mendoza
Beverly F. Rogers
Bill Scanlan and Fran Meyer
Bonnie Kirkland and Wanda Bair
Busy Graham and Stewart Hickman
Casey Aiken
Charles A. Beard III
Cynthia Rubenstein
Danco Electronic Services(Dan Meijer)
​Daniel and Claire Maklan
Daphne Latimire
Dolores McDonagh and Jamie Karn
Dr.Judith Docca
Edward Gregerman
Eileen Steinkraus
Ellen and Richard Rubin
Fran Meyer
Francie and Timothy Hester
Geoff Edgar
Gail Keleher and Jay Brozost
Jackie Hilton
Jean Zakotnik
Jeffrey Coleman
Jennifer M. Hosey
Jennifer Ford
Jessie Diffley
JoAnn Ryan
Jonathan Bernstein
John and Pat Robinson
John Zakotnik
Judy Lapping
June Taylor and Rob Wolcott
Kate Weaver
Kathleen Dennis
Karen and Douglas Hillmer
Kevin Beverly
Kim Chi T. Dinh
Leslie McCabe-Holm
Lisa Bontempo and William Pierce
Liz McLeod
Lynn Boyd
Marilyn Talabay Piety
Mark Elrich and Laura Croen
Mary Bradford
Mary Anne Hess and Dan Freedman
Mike and Paula Lannan
Nancy Crawford
Nancy Golding
Nancy Silvio
Pamela Sobel
Patricia Cornish
Patty Millar
Robin Allen
Rose Marie Martinez and Donald Shriber (The Shriber Fund)
Sam Statland
Sandy Gregerman
Sandy Moore
Skip Sroka
Susan and Gregory Madden
Susan Drumheller
Tarah Nagel
Tim Piety
Todd Eisenstadt
Thomas Gentile
William F. Tuerk
Yoshiko Zenfuku